About Inter-Island Challege

NZRHA host an exciting challenge between the North Island and the South Island.
Each island has 3 - 4 riders who scores from their runs are combined together for an overall island score. The island with the highest score wins the challenge.

Do you have what it takes to help your island bring home the trophy?  

Platinum Sponsor

Huge thank you to the team at Courtesy Ford - Manawatu for their ongoing sponsorship of the Inter-Island Challenge. Get in contact with the team today...
Ph: 06 356-8089 or visit their website


Previous Inter-Island Challenge Winners

2022 -
Northern Reiners

Dave Young - The Last PerfectShot
Campbell Phillips - Shining N Stylish
Catherine Ladd - Shiney Lil Destiny

2021 -
Northern Reiners

Rachel Humphries - Paddys Irish Star
Catherine Ladd - Shiney Lil Destiny / GB Wimpys Ruf Bet
Angel Marsh - Dunit Magnum Style
Dave Young - The Last PerfectShot

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