NRHA 777 Club

Just $25 to enrol per year

Accumulate 777 points within a certain timeframe and be awarded a 777 club jacket.

About the NZRHA 777 Club...

To be eligible for the 777 Club, you must register either when you renew your membership or apply separately by completing the 777 Club Registration form.

You must register and pay the $25.00 every year until  you win an award. To be eligible you can not skip a year. Once you win, you can start over again for the next season.

This is a rider / horse combination - you must nominate your combination on the registration form. You can have more than one combination but must pay a seperate fee for each combination. Points for each combination are collected separately.

Eligible classes are Junior / Senior Horse and Open - therefore at some shows, you may only get one score. At bigger shows with a Open Class, you would get two possible scores. In the case of 2-Go-Round Open, the highest score will count. NZRHA North, South and National Shows give you three possible chances (junior, senior horse, open and one rider class).

A printed Jacket / Vest with the appropriate level will be awarded at the AGM to all those who achieve a level.

777 Club Levels

777 Points in One Year

Earn 777 club points within One Year of joining the 777 Club and earn a gold embroidered jacket.

777 Points in Two Years

Earn 777 club points within Two Years of joining the 777 Club and earn a silver embroidered jacket. 

777 Points in Three Years

Earn 777 club points within Three Years of joining the 777 Club and earn a bronze embroidered jacket.

Bonus - Get this limited edition hoodie when you purchase

Just $49 For Lifetime Access

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